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6 tips to help your dog handle the 4th of July

Posted By: Jeff Reynolds · 6/28/2012 4:25:00 PM

Here's a few tips to help you make sure your dog will not freak out this 4th of July

1-Music. Desensitize your anxious pets by playing loud music leading up to the fourth. It may take awhile, so start now. There are even DVD’s and CD’s you can buy for dogs that are firework-phobic.

2-Create a soothing environment. Close all the curtains, doors, and windows. You can even get some doggy drugs (herbs) that will calm them.

3-Call the vet. If your dog has a severe case of anxiety…call your vet for other options. They may even prescribe Xanax or Prozac or other drugs for your pooch.

4-Have an exit strategy if you’re bringing “Fido” to the show. If you absolutely have to bring your dog, have a plan. They can become quite aggressive when they get stressed.

5-Take the crate. If they get freaked out at the show, put them in the doggy crate. Do NOT put them in the car.

6-Bring the dog gear. Make sure you have up to date tags and keep it on a leash at all times.

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