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2012 Yahoo! Most Searched Terms

Posted By: Kyle West · 12/4/2012 8:50:00 PM

Being a radio guy, I always have enjoyed these year-end lists, because it gives me an idea what the average person searches for on the internet.  Here is the 2012 "Most Searched Terms" list from Yahoo!:


10.  Jennifer Lopez

  9.  Lindsay Lohan

  8.  Political Polls

  7.  Olympics

  6.  Whitney Houston

  5.  Kate Middleton

  4.  Kate Upton  (pictured)

  3.  Kim Kardashian

  2.  iPhone 5

  1.  Election



P.S. -  As a guy, I'm kind of embarrased about all the searches for attractive female celebrities.  I wonder how many of those were image searches?? lol !

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