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Trace Adkins Will Do Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars

Posted By: Kyle West · 1/8/2013 6:45:00 PM

Trace Adkins surprised a lot of people in how well he did his first go around of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice".  The show is a huge ratings draw for NBC and many celebrities that do the show can raise a lot of money for one of their favorite charities.  The downside to that is the show can be extremely stressful.  So when Trace was asked to do it again, it took him a while to decide to film another season.

The Boot has more:

The 50-year-old singer is playing for the American Red Cross, which was very helpful to the Adkins family after their home was destroyed in a fire in 2011. "The only reason that I would do a reality television show is because this one at least has a shred of nobility because of the charitable aspect of it," Trace tells Entertainment Weekly. "That's the only reason that I even considered coming and doing something like this.

"I was ashamed of myself that I didn't know that the Red Cross responded to house fires," he continues. "I thought they were like grand-scale natural disasters, and that was about it. The fact that they were there and took care of my family when I couldn't be there, I just felt like I owed them ... I held [producers] off for a month or so, kept telling them, 'No, I'm not ever going [back].' The first time I was on 'Celebrity Apprentice' was one of the most stressful periods of my adult life, and I didn't want to come back and do it again. So it took my house burning down to get me to come back."

The married father of five may have believed in the cause he was playing for, but that doesn't mean he was excited about actually competing. "It puts me in a position where I'm forced to tolerate individuals that I normally wouldn't tolerate," he notes. "I don't live my life like that. I don't have to spend time around people that I abhor."

Thankfully, this season was more pleasant than five years ago. "This year wasn't that way," Trace adds. "It was a great experience."

"Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars," which also includes returning cast members Omarosa, Stephen Baldwin, Marilu Henner, Lisa Rinna and Bret Michaels, will premiere March 13 on NBC.

Will you root Trace on in Celebrity All-Stars??

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