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Figure Out Who Gave You The Flu!

Posted By: Kyle West · 1/9/2013 8:06:00 PM

I can't believe this is really true, but there is a new Facebook app that can tell you if one of your Facebook friends gave you the flu!


From The New York Times:

“Help, I Have the Flu” is a new Facebook app that trolls through friends’ profiles looking for keywords such as ‘sneezing,’ ‘coughing,’ and ‘vomiting’ as well as check-ins to find the culprit who may have passed on the virus.

“Hello. I’m sorry you have the flu,” reads the app. “Nothing will make you feel better like finding somebody to blame.”

Clicking on the “Who Made Me Sick” button on the Facebook page will track down prime suspects, such as those who’ve mentioned the word ‘flu’ in their status updates or those who’ve had multiple late night posts, as sleep deprivation, the app reasons, puts people at increased risk for catching a cold.

The app also allows users to send a message to the offending virus-spreader or purchase remedies from the healthcare company that runs the app, Help Remedies in the US.


I hope somebody I know who gets the flu tries this.  And if you do figure out who gave you the flu, maybe they will bring you all the chicken soup and saltines you could ever want to make up for it!

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