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Important Winter Storm Information

Posted By: Kyle West · 1/4/2014 11:10:00 AM

We have been tracking a powerful winter storm set to move in to the Wabash Valley tonight.  Forecasts by the National Weather Service say this could be one of the strongest winter storms in several years.  Below is some useful need to know information on the storm/


Storm Impacts

-Heavy Snow will move in late Saturday overnight and continue all of Sunday.  Current indications are 6-10 inches of snow will be common with higher isolated amounts up to a foot possible.

-Gusty Winds will cause significant blowing and drifting of snow, reducing visibilities and making travel nearly impossible.  Sustained winds of 20-30 mph with gusts as high as 40 mph will be possible.

-Brutal Cold air will rush in from Canada which will drop air temperatures well below zero Sunday night.  We could have an extended period of temperatures below zero from Sunday night to late Tuesday or Wednesday, with wind chill values as low as -35 to -40.


How To Prepare

 -Indiana Governor Mike Pence released a statement today asking all Indiana families to be sure to have enough food and water for 3 days on hand. Batteries and flashlights should be on your shopping lists today as well.

-Any errands should be taken care of today.  This includes food shopping, getting medications, baby forumla, and pet food.  You want to be sure you have everything you need for three days, so in the event of poor or impossible travel conditions you will not have to leave home.

-Check on any elderly neighbors or relatives and make sure they do not need supplies before the storm hits.

-Be sure to bring all pets indoors or into the garage.  The air temperatures combined with the wind chills will be cold enough they could severely harm or kill your pet.  It is very impoprtant all pets are brought indoors.

-Once temperatures fall, limit exposure to the bitterly cold temperatures.  If you are out shoveling snow, be sure to take plenty breaks inside to warm up.

-Before leaving home Sunday or Monday, be sure to check the Indiana County Travel status (CLICK HERE) to ensure no local travel bans are in place.

-Keep children's exposure to the brutal cold minimal.  Monday will not be a good day for sledding or to make a snowman. 

-Let sinks drip to keep pipes from freezing.  If you can safely do so, wrapping exposed pipes in unheated areas before the cold comes with old blankets or towels can also help.

-Exercicse caution with fireplaces and heating sources.  Heating units will be working overtime, especially space heaters.  Be sure you read manuals and understand how to operate devices safely.

-Travel only if you must.  Heed all local travel advisories.  Don't go somewhere "just to go somewhere".

-Indiana State police have set up a blog to pass along important storm related information.  Click here to view that blog

-Be sure to stay tuned to HI-99 for the latest updates.  Also follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates as well:

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