HI-99 Waking Crew

Each weekday morning join the fun and laughter with the Waking Crew.   Barry & Jeff will get you started with local and national news from the WTHI-TV Newsroom, and Storm Team 10 Meteorologist Lindsay Monroe will stop by with th latest weather information for the Wabash Valley.

Every morning you'll find something different the Waking Crew with Barry & Jeff. It could be "What Opry Star is It?", "The Impossible Question" or maybe from the HI-99 Country Cruiser, cruising the streets of the Wabash Valley handing out valuable prizes.  Get your workday morning off to a great start with the Waking Crew with Barry & Jeff!

The Valley Vote

60 Minutes did a poll recently about the WORST decade for music, which decade do YOU think had the worst?