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Is Eric Church taking 2013 off from touring???

Posted By: Eric Michaels · 9/19/2012 3:31:00 PM

Rumors are swirling around the country music circles about Eric Church!  Coming off a wildly successful tour, album and a string of singles, he is saying he may very well take 2013 off from touring!  However, rumors have started to circulate that he may team up with a country music superstar for a string of dates.  Who, you're asking?  Well, read on to find out!


"It's still rumor stage, but I can at least say most of next year off is true," Eric maintained to Broadway at Florida radio station WKIS. "We're doing some shows in Canada first part of the year but as far as the U.S. goes, I think it's looking like we maybe do 20 shows across the country. We're going to play a few things but we're not on tour, we're going to take big chunks off. I'm going to try and focus on, from a songwriting standpoint and a record standpoint, where we go next and where we go from here. Regardless of what happens with touring with anybody else, we're going to be taking most of the year off." "I want to see if I can write some songs and see where we can go, musically," the five-time CMA award nominee tells Billboard magazine. "I'm looking forward to that. I really want to see where this thing goes."

The latest rumor is that Eric will join Kenny Chesney, who is coming off a crazy successful Brothers of the Sun tour with Tim McGraw and Jake Owen.  It may turn out to be the opportunity to open for Kenny is too good an opportunity to turn down!  Eric will also neither confirm nor deny those rumors!

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