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Carrie Underwood & Taylor Swift Feuding?!

Posted By: Eric Michaels · 2/11/2013 4:45:00 PM

Rumors are flying that Grammy officials were instructed to keep country stars Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift away from eachother at the 55th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night because "they hate each other."  However, a show rep said that no such requests had been made. Well, CBS reporter Gayle King asked the "Blown Away" singer point-blank if there was any truth behind the reported riff. 

"No! Not that I know of," said Carrie, before explaining how rumors like that get started. "Every magazine, newspaper or gossip TV shows, they can just get away with it by saying a 'source says' or 'a friend said' or 'an insider said.' I've read the most ridiculous things about myself when people do that." (Credit:

On the flip side of things, did you catch the opening number of the Grammy Awards?  It was performed by Taylor Swift, but did you catch the accent during the 'spoken' part of the song?  Check out the video below.....

Did you catch the british accent? Do you think that was a jab at Harry Styles? Kinda makes ya go hmmmmmmm doesn't it??

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