HI-99 Wallpaper

Wallpaper download instructions (PC/Internet Explorer):

Click on the size you want to download, and when the large image finishes loading into your browser's new window, right-click the image. Select the "Set as Wallpaper" (or "Set as Background") option from the pop-up menu that appears, and you're done!

To determine which size you need:
1. Right click anywhere on your desktop. 2. From the drop down menu choose "properties" 3. Look for the tab named "settings" and click on it. 4. Find the section marked screen resolution and that will tell you which size wallpaper you need (ie 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600).

Taylor Swift

George Strait

Taylor Swift

The Valley Vote

60 Minutes did a poll recently about the WORST decade for music, which decade do YOU think had the worst?