Hometown Heroes

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What unit does/did your Hero serve with? Unknown
What is your Hero's hometown? Phoenix, AZ
Where has your Hero served? South Korea, Africa
What branch is your Hero in? Army
Your message My nephew deployed to South Korea this past December, before he got a chance to see his daughter's first Christmas, about a month ago saved a Korean child from being hit by a car that was speeding down the road by pushing the child out of the way and taking the hit himself. His Kevlar vest was imbedded in the windshield of the car and he had to be cut out of the vest to be removed from the hood of the car. He suffered head trauma and an injury to his knee along with other bumps and bruises. He is doing ok right now and is recovering from his injuries.
Submitted by Tami from Terre Haute On 7/2/2009

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