Hometown Heroes

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A1C Zach Swayze

What unit does/did your Hero serve with? 455th ESFS
What is your Hero's hometown? Newport, In
Where has your Hero served? He has just got back from a 6 month tour in Camp Bucca, Iraq in March. In Auguest he was tasked for another 6 month tour of Bagram Airfield, Afghaanistan which left in early October.
What branch is your Hero in? Air Force
Your message I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing man. he has done so much since he has joined in auguest '07. He was deployed to Camp Bucca, Iraq from Auguest '08-March '09. He is currently deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan. Before he left, he proposed to his girlfriend, Tabatha Latteyer, of Vinton, Ia. She is also currently serving in the Air Force. They are expected to get married June '10 when he returns from duty. Currently on duty with the 455th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron.
Submitted by brandyn from MacDill AFB On 12/12/2009

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