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Xavier Nenneman

What unit does/did your Hero serve with? 92nd Military Police & 101st Airborne Division
What is your Hero's hometown? Terre Haute, IN
Where has your Hero served? Stationed in Baumholder, Germany for 3 years, one of which was served in Afghanistan OEF + two years stationed in Fort Campbell, KY.
What branch is your Hero in? US Army
Your message Xavier is a wonderful husband and father of two beautiful babies. He served 31 Bravo, Active Duty Military Police. For his achievements and efforts while serving over seas, Xavier was awarded the Combat Action Badge, Army Accommodation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal and the Army Achievement Medal. Xavier spent one year training the Afghan National Police Force in Afghanistan with the 92nd Military Police company. I am so proud of my husband for all that he has done to serve the country he loves.
Submitted by Alexandra Nenneman from Terre Haute On 1/11/2013

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