Eric Michaels

How did I get my start?  "I sent an email to the station asking for an internship. I got the job right out of High School and the rest is HISTORY!"

What is my favorite or MOST memorable interview? "I've gotten to interview a lot of people over the years. However, I really enjoy interviewing the up and coming artists. They are usually so grateful and appreciative! They are so glad that you've taken the time to chat with them and it's cool for me because when/if they make it big you can say, "I interviewed them WAY BACK WHEN!" Some of the recent ones include James Wesley, Florida Georgia Line, Darren Warren, The Wheeler Sisters and the list goes on and on."

Best part about working in radio? "Playing the music, meeting the listeners, interacting with the people that make this station so successful. We'd be nothing without them!"

If I could do it all over again, with no stipulations/no money involved/ no age limit; what would I be doing? "You're looking at it! This is all I've ever wanted to do, can't imagine doing anything else!"

Most technological change since I started working in radio? "The increased emphasis on the digital mediums over the last few years. Websites, social media, streaming etc. have revolutionized our industry."

How would I describe your first radio gig? "I am still at my first radio gig! This is the only station I've worked for and plan to keep it that way as long as they'll have me!"

What artist would you be surprised to find on my iPod? "IPod? Psssshhh....I listen to the radio! Nothing beats the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio!"

Do I have a favorite hobby outside of radio? "Ever since I became a homeowner, I find myself tinkering around the house, rather than outside the house...I think I'm getting old?"

What advice would I give people new to the business? "If this isn't your passion and what you really want to do, don't waste your time. Make yourself available and take it all in. Make yourself as versatile as you can!"

What's the biggest gaffe I've made on-air? "One time, when we were in our old facility, our studio looked into the studio of our sister station, I turned the mic on and just about said THERE positioning statement instead of ours! OOPS!"

Name an artist/act (living or dead) I'd love to meet and why? "Some of the older artists like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and even Hank Jr. Just to sit and have a few beers and listen to their stories! I guess it could still happen with Hank!"

Which celebrity do I get mistaken for? "When Eric Church was in town a while back, I got a hat and glasses close to what he wears and a few people actually thought I was him!"

What is one truth that has held constant throughout your career? "To expect the unexpected and things are constantly changing."

Would I rather watch a sitcom, a reality show, a police drama, a legal drama or a medical drama? Or something else? Why? "A friend of mine accused me of watching nothing but trash TV. My TV is usually set to Discovery, TRUtv or the History Channel."

What would I do if I had a million dollars? "NOTHING! Absolutely nothing and I'd love it!"

If someone offered me 50 dollars to sing karaoke on your show, would you do it? "Sure! It'll buy a half take of gas or so! Warning...I can't sing!"


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