Jeff Reynolds

How did I get my start? "I started playing around with cd/tape players and pretend microphones at an early age, but my first taste of radio began in Telecommunications program my junior year of high school."

Best part about working in radio? "I love everything about working in radio! If I had to choose one thing it would be having the chance to interact with listeners on a consistent basis."

If I could do it all over again, with no stipulations/ no money involved/ no age limit; what would I be doing? "Honestly? I love what I do and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've always been interested in giving TV a shot someday though. My interests TV wise include comedy (writing/ performing), sitcoms, game show or late night host and meteorology. I also dream of performing on stage musically, but my talent level is limited."

What artist would you be surprised to find on my iPod? "Probably Miles Davis."

Name the artist/act I'd love to meet and why? "Dave Matthews. I've been a fan ever since I attended my first show at the age of 12 and I didn't even want to go to the concert to begin with."

Who would be a "dream guest" to have on my show? "Conan O'Brien."

What is one truth that has held constant throughout my career? "I learn something new every day."

If someone offered me 50 dollars to sing karaoke on your show. would you do it? "Not the whole song. I don't want to make your ears bleed."

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? "A few come to mind, but I hear Seth Rogen A LOT!"

Q: Where are you from?
A: Spiceland, IN (Blink and you’ll miss it ;)
Q: What was your favorite live concert?
A: I can narrow that down to a few....Dave Matthews Band, Vince Gill, Phish, Brad Paisley, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana,.
Q: What are you reading right now?
A: I'm not much of a book reader but I am excited to read more books by Christopher Moore.
Q: Where do you like to vacation?
A: Florida has always been my go to spot, but I am ready to travel the country!
Q: If you were not a radio personality what would be your dream job?
A: Actor, Musician/Singer in a band, or a TV Weatherman.
Q: Is there someone you idolize that you wish you could be more like?
A: Oh sure, I always strive to be more laid back and easy going, so anyone with “Zen-like” patience.
Q: What was your favorite subject in School?
A: History! I once aspired to be a high school History teacher.
Q: What motivates you?
A: Proving people wrong when they doubt you.
Q: What is the strangest or worst job you’ve ever had?
A: Corrections Officer. I didn’t last long and I am certainly not cut out to keep offenders in line!


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