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How did I get my start? "I started radio as a night intern/stunt boy at the old WZZQ in Terre Haute during my senior year of high school. After a couple of months, I took over the night show, and as they say "The Rest is History!"

Best part about working in radio? "The listeners. They are amazing. Oh, and all the free key chains and bumper stickers we get with the station logos."

What advice would I give people new to the business? "It's a hard business to support a family in. Only the super dedicated, hardest working and most talented individual succeed, and even then people have to adapt to an ever-changing industry. Also, never ever say something on air you wouldn't say in front of your own mother."

How would I describe my first radio gig? "The most fun I've ever had at any one job. Imagine being in high school and hosting a night time show where my own teachers were calling in requests. I had no clue what I was doing, but we had a lot of fun at it."

What's the biggest gaffe I've made on-air? " Wait, will the FCC be reading this? I better say "No Comment."

Which celebrity do I get mistaken for? "Many people confuse me as David Beckham because of my incredible athletic ability and amazing body. And yes, I might not be telling the truth."

If someone offered me 50 dollars to sing karaoke on my show, would I do it? "As long as I wasn't financially responsible for all the ear drums that would burst listening to the bit."

What are you most scared of? "Heights. Hate them! And people who only want to talk politics."


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