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Sammy Su


Pet's Breed CAT -American Short hair
Tell us about your pet! I got Sammy Su in Florida last year when the mother cat abandoned him. She would carry him and put him on top of the grotto pool. My sister saved him twice with in 48 hrs from drowning,when he fell into this pool.He was 3-4 weeks old When I got him and I had to feed him with a syringe because he was to little to take the bottle. I now live in Indiana and Sammy Su is my "HEART". The poster I made of him is all of him from the time I first got him. I have sent other more recent photos of him now. Thanks for having this site so I can share him with others who love their pets too.
Submitted by Martha from Terre Haute On 2/10/2010  · This has been rated 27 times.

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