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Pet's Breed Puggle = pug/beagle mix
Tell us about your pet! He was a flood victim in June 2008, as was I. His breeder's house flooded, and she needed to find homes ASAP for the remaining puppies since it was unsanitary for them to stay there. She brought the puppies in to Penney's Salon, asking if anyone would take a "free puggle puppy." I asked, "Did you say FREE?" I'd always wanted a dog. The poor little guy was so scared and so sad... but three days later he perked right up and now he's my baby! He's super-friendly, loves everybody, and loves to be near me no matter where I am or what I'm doing. He's the best companion I've ever had. He's my cuddle-buddy. I'm so happy we have each other!
Submitted by Bethany from Terre Haute, IN On 11/23/2010  · This has been rated 37 times.

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