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Bocephus aka "Bo"


Pet's Breed Rednosed American Pitbull Terrier
Tell us about your pet! Bo is a 1-yr old pitbull. We rescued him or he rescued us from some people that could not afford to raise him. We, like a lot of others stereo-typed the breed because as humans, sadly enough that is what we do. We were very nervous about how he would act with our 2 boys and other animals amongst all the grief we would get owning him. We educated ourselves, family & friends and took Bo to obedience school right off the bat. He has become one of our children who we could not love more. He is the smartest, cutest, funniest dog that we could have asked for. He thinks he is human and HAS to be wherever the kids are. He loves to play any type of ball with the kids as well and he normally wins! LOL! He is such a big lover & is very affectionate. We are committed to do our part of being responsible pet owners/parents and can only hope to love Bo as much as he loves our family. :)
Submitted by Denyelle from Terre Haute On 12/19/2012  · This has been rated 17 times.

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