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Gunner Oswald


Pet's Breed Husky
Tell us about your pet! Gunner was born on March 28th 2013. He found his new home on May 3rd 2013. Gunner is a very outgoing puppy that never runs out of energy. He eats everything he can get his little teeth on, (especially toilet paper!)Gunner is currently 15 weeks old and has already mastered sit, lay, and shake. He is currently working on turn-around. He enjoys going to the park and looking at the duckies as well as sliding down the slide. Gunner also enjoys going to his grandma's house and eating as much cheese as she can spoil him with. Our whole family enjoys having Gunner Oswald and wouldn't trade him for anything. The first picture is the very first day we got him and the second picture was recently taken when he was 15 weeks. He is growing way too fast!
Submitted by Amy Bouslog from Paris IL On 7/15/2013  · This has been rated 9 times.

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