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JJ (Jameson jangles)


Pet's Breed Yorkie
Tell us about your pet! JJ is just the best dog ever I have cancer and he lets me know if someone is here if I don't feel good he will lay on my chest to feel me breathe and if he's out of dog food he will carry his bowl to me and he loves to be whoever I am people we got him from we're just to busy for him said he won't eat treats or play with toys well he does y grab his bottle of treats he will start whining and jump up to your elbows he keeps me company threw this difficult time having breast cancer and anytime my son gets hurt he will start trying to lick it to clean him up and my son will try to hide it and he will bark and bark and if u put a band aide on it JJ will chew the brains aides off he's very protective
Submitted by Amber jones from Terre Haute On 8/2/2013  · This has been rated 3 times.

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