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Pet's Breed tabby cat
Tell us about your pet! Simon came to us from a friend at my place of employment. We had an orange and white tabby who's name was Garfunkle. Well, Garfunkle sneaked outside one day and we haven't seen him since. Simon is our new kitty. He is also a orange and white tabby, but has long hair. He loves to pester my husband and he does things on purpose just to get my husband riled up. He plays with our weenie dog Rudy (also on the country critters page)and they are now best buds. Simon makes me laugh a lot and our son lets him share his room at night when he wants someone to snuggle with. Rudy doesn't share his sleeping quarters well (my husband and my bed). He loves to stretch out as you can see in the picture!Ha!
Submitted by Paula Dowell from Terre Haute On 8/22/2013  · This has been rated 13 times.

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