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Pet's Breed Calico
Tell us about your pet! I rescued Penni after I came home one day and saw her by a pond getting a drink of water. I approached her and as I got closer my dogs noticed her and started chasing her. They ran her up a thorny tree so I chased after them and scared the dogs away. After that I climbed up the tree to get her down then brought her back home and fed her because you could literally feel and see every bone in her body. After a couple days of adjusting Penni became the most loving and wonderful kitty I have ever known I have had her for almost a year now and even though I have never been a cat person for some reason I was able to make an exception in my heart for this one.
Submitted by Matt Knopp from Terre Haute On 10/19/2013  · This has been rated 22 times.

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